Friday, April 11, 2008

Visionaries and Poets

As I have recorded some of the poetry of Jeremy Hooker previously, perhaps it would be good to record some of his prose. The following is about Richard Jefferies and his eloquent "Story of my Heart";

........My story too would rise from prehistoric barrows and Downs, and touch grassblade and sea and stars. But it would not be more about the future than the past. It would be about the ideal, or abstracted spirits; it would be about particular real people and places and things. It would be about trying not to lose anything of the good we have been given, but to carry it through. It too would be about the Now - but our lives are in constant movement; it is only the transfigured moment that can both live, with the momentum of time and change, and 'stand' eternally. Jefferies abstracted his soul from his life and his world; in pursuing the ideal, he rejected everything that is human - all philosophies and religions, and by implication, all past and present human lives. My story would be about desiring that none is ever lost, and that our common world embrace the living, dead, and unborn. Light would pick out now this, now that, and the darkness of partial vision sweep over it, as shadows chase lightly from the Downs. But my prayer would be that what I can only see darkly should be seen and known and cared for by a love greater than I can conceive.......

Taken from Presence of the Past

A review of Home on the Earth by Jeremy Hooker...

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