Monday, May 5, 2008

The Valley of the Black Pig by W.B.Yeats

The dews drop slowly and dreams gather; unknown spears

                                                         Start of the old trackway

                                                 The two protagonists in this War

                                                                Yellow Rattle

                     Clouds of pink ladies smock in the field, with the Langridge barrows in the distance

                                                            'Washed azured' bluebell

Wild garlic sheeting through the woods

                           The old Cotswold wall on which either side the war was fought

There were also other wildflowers of course, red campion beginning to show, as was horsetail, this funny prehistoric plant seemingly an alien to this land, but some say that the romans brought it to this land. Primroses over their best and eaten by slugs, were being outshone by pyramidalis bugle which had also emerged. Cow parsley creaming through the hedgerows and the uninteresting flowers of the docks. Stitchwort also laced its way through the grass. The wildflowers along this old track seemed well protected by the tall hedges on either side protecting them from the fertilisers that must have been put on the fields around, they are though exceedingly vunerable trapped in this small corridor.

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