Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ebbor Gorge

Ebbor Gorge; Photos from 2007 show, a lovely green wooded stone gorge, fallen branches, ferns and wildflowers growing in its hidden depths. It is approached from Priddy village, there is a car park at the beginning of the walk. Its quite a difficult walk for Somerset, for you have to go a long way down and then through the gorge and up again, a good hour or two is needed, but it is worth the effort climbing the natural limestone steps through the gorge. From the first rock shelters that were occupied 10,000 years ago, like all the landscapes of Britain it has been occupied through Bronze age, middle age etc, it is a hidden place that allows you to look into the wild heart of our countryside......

verdant green

the slope through the gorge

                                                            Nettle leaf bell flower

                                         this is the path through the narrowest part

                                                The narrowest part of the gorge


  1. That looks a fascinating walk. I wish I lived near enough to do it - especially as I am getting SO fed up with lane walking round here. You must feel so close to our prehistoric past walking here.

  2. Delightful shock of recognition! Climbing up through woods and fields to the top of the Gorge was one of my favourite walks when I lived on the West Mendip Way after escaping from London. Fabulous, thank you.