Sunday, March 14, 2010

The week that was

I seem to neglect my blog nowadays more and more, other things always happening, perhaps I should keep it as a weekly diary.
First of all this week, was the demise of my partners computer. The decision whether to call someone in or buy a new one was eventually resolved and a new one sits boxed waiting to be unpacked, though I note that CPUs are fairly rare now and its all laptops on sale (mostly for high tech viewing of films and pc games). I shall inherit the old monitor which is flat-faced, or at least much thinner than the old one I have.
Today is mother's day, and greetings from my daughter this morning, my son came up from Bristol on Friday (I never get cards from him) and as I had'nt seen him for a few months it was good to see his bearded! face.
Yesterday we went to Hanningfield Reservoir and wandered a still very bleak wintry landscape, though much warmer. It was very peaceful, the geese honking overhead as they flew into the fields, birds danced along the path, a chaffinch with a blackbird, tiny perky wren played around on the logs. Long tailed tits swooped through the trees with bluetits, all common birds, though some would say not common at all. In the distance the 'laugh' of a jay, but no woodpeckers tapping away heralding spring... I spied the leaves of honeysuckle coming out and the hawthorns had tight buds, one thing I notice in Essex not many primroses, the flora is sadly lacking in these woods. Great brown drifts of dead fern cover the brambles in the woods, and there is a thick mulch of dead leaves, hardly affected by the snow we have had.

A protective drake, in a quiet pond

brown and cream, murky waters though clear, no sign of fresh growth yet

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  1. Spring will be late this year, "they!" were saying 5 weeks later than usual in the papers. However, the first primroses and celendines are gracing the Welsh banks now, so hopefully it will all catch up. I saw the Very First wild daffodil this week, on a sunny bank by the ruins of an old cottage.