Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not commenting on other blogs

This is not rudeness on my part, only I find it impossible to do! It started when google demanded of me a gmail account, so I filled it in, but this blog has always been through my yahoo account. So what happens, when I go to answer on someone's blog, press the appropiate 'send', the message comes up that I must sign out and come back under my other account....I do, but get the same message on the other account. I suspect if I was cleverer would be able to overcome the problem, but then sadly I'm not.
So apologies to everyone, but I do come and read your blogs!!


  1. One simple way around that is to use two different browsers, say Internet Explorer and Chrome. You could log into each with a different account which should get over your problem.

  2. I'm found that I can't comment on some of the blogs I enjoy visiting.

  3. I can comment on some blogs - it appears that I can comment here! But often I can only comment if there is an 'anonymous' option. Started 3 or 4 months ago and now it just demands me to sign in over and over and over and... you get the idea. Love blogger but sometimes it's just a complete pain.
    Hello from a total stranger by the way LOL!

  4. Hi Alan, will try that if I can upload the browsers but it sounds a little complicated ;)
    Hello to Jarmara and Nellie to, glad I'm not the only one experiencing trouble...

  5. Try unchecking the "keep me signed in" box - worked for me!