Monday, August 5, 2013


By the side of my blogs there is a list of other blogs I visit, now I don't like to name and praise because that is unfair to others, but the wonder of the internet is that you travel far and wide across this world, so two I will mention for beautiful photos.....
The first is Beyond the Fields we Know somewhere in Canada, by a great lake she records the minutiae of the world around her.  The blog I have chosen is a Gary Snyder poem in his book Turtle Island, one of my favourite poets,  just been reading a poem about the hungry ghosts of Japan and how to cast a spell on them, something I would like to do with the fracking companies like Curatilla who bolstered by our ever greedy politicians seek to destroy the countryside and the environment with gas wells.
But I shall turn to a smaller, quieter poem for Em - Dartmoor Ramblings, in her stronghold on Dartmoor who records the birds and ponies on the moor also in very clear detail, and is suffering from hayfever at the moment......

The Dazzle

the dazzle the seduction the 
intoxicated and quivering, 
bees? Is it flowers? why does this
     seed move around.
        the one
divides itself, divides and divides again.
"we all know where that leads"
blinding storms of gold pollen.
   --grope through that?
          the dazzle
      and the blue clay.
"All that moves love to sing"
  the roots are at work.

It reminds me also of last Saturday at the pub in the garden, the great old hedge of lavender in full flower with so many bumblebees helping themselves to the pollen, only two red tailed, most of them were white tails, but a reminder that our bumble bees are surviving if we tend our gardens with thought.  My photo does not (as usual) capture the many bees, but their stirling work should always be appreciated and as I counted them (mmmm) a soft glow of happiness unfolds itself for that which continues, the 'eternal round' of nature.

Turtle Island is of course the old  name for North America, an idea of the earth, or even the cosmos, sustained by a great turtle or serpent-of-eternity.

bean bee

dull colours but it was where I was going!

 Coffee in the garden - Lavender just coming to flower



  1. What a lovely poem Thelma; thank you so much. Just the word 'pollen' makes my nose twitch. I love the roots being at work unseen. Wonderful. I nearly missed this as I've been tied up with the new puppy for a couple of days. Luckily I scrolled down far enough to find you!

  2. Just seen him, he looks lively bet Snippet will be pleased to have a companion, hope he settles in with you all, and house-trained as well what more could you ask ;)