Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Abdication of Belief

Those - dying then,

Knew where they went

They went to God's right hand

That hand is amputated now

And God cannot be found -


The abdication of belief

Makes the Behaviour small

Better an Ignus Fatuus

Then no illume at all


This poem I heard last week on the radio programme"Something Understood". It is something Emily Dickinson wrote when she had a crisis of belief, therefore "The Abdication of Belief" is a familar term to describe this moment when religious people go to that dark place of the soul and question their belief. An Ignus Fatuus is similar to a small flare of light, or 'will of the wisp' that lights up for a brief second.

The youtube video below plays music by Youssou N'Dour, accompanied by Pete Gabriel, who lives down the road in Box and is famous in megalithic terms for his song - Solsbury Hill
A song was played on the programme called Red Clay, and my son downloaded the album for me this week. So much of what comes out of Africa news is miserable, and yet the music is marvellous. Africa is a land full of different countries and tribes, to always view it in terms of poverty, aids and disaster is only to present one side. It also has vitality, sun, many cultures and languages that are different to our own culture.


Dedicated to the King of Bling and the Talent scout! - Ephraim and Mark, and if that one doesnt work.....


Sara and friends

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