Monday, January 7, 2008

Meeting with deer

This not very good photograph taken early on Sunday morning captures a beautiful tension between me taking the picture, the dog commanded not too chase and the deer by the wood holding its ground. All captured in the warm light of the rising sun.
We are all three animals but our neural cells work differently, my brain is considered higher than the other two, but both the dog and the deer are also finely honed to survive in their own environment. One is wild, the other tame and therefore under authority, (the dog happy to be part of human life,) the wild deer on the other hand has no such shackles and yet is aware of both the human and dog is standing his ground - a balance of mutual understanding is achieved.The deer won the day and moved off into the woods but this earlier photograph shows Moss chasing a second deer, albeit slowly because he did'nt want to catch up with it.

A different relationship exists between the ferns and the trees. The breakdown of the bark of the tree has allowed the ferns to grow in this damp cool environment, a fragile ecosystem that may have been threatened by the removal of old thorn bushes in front of the tree.

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  1. I thought that was an absolutely wonderful photo - I thought you had enhanced it on the computer to make the green more vivid, the trees sepia . . .

    We have lots of ferns growing on the trees here, especially along by the river. I took some photos of them today in fact, but they were ruined by the rain drops!