Friday, May 15, 2009

The Protest at Tara

Another part of my life.... This letter came through my email this morning, and though it may seem strange too many, I would like to introduce a 'protestor'. Now what is your perception of them? young, dirty, unemployed, a dog at heel, and a jumble of heroic idealism - a potent live bomb on two legs, that is how the police see them, note the batons, headgear and shields worn to protect us. Protestors can also be lyrical, genuine and stout hearted... read on and forget your prejudices....

Hello Friends,

I was devastated, my friend and constant companion for the last 5 years, Bonnie Dog, a friend to many of you, was murdered by a psychopathic trucker neighbour.

It was all very sad and wrong. A great loss… but she had completed her mission.. she had opened my heart.

I have had many beautiful texts and emails from people whose hearts she also touched.

I smiled in court on Wednesday when the video evidence was shown - Bonnie Dog was guarding the gates to Blundlestown, (or was it Lismullen?) at the second battle of Soldiers Hill….

She loved Tara .. it had miraculously transformed her from a scared angry frightened dog to a happy, healing dog.

I traveled on the same journey on along with her, she was a 4 legged anam cara (soulfriend) who came to learn and teach the same lesson.

Even dear Robert fell for her charms… I can still hear him saying ‘that is was the most attention he had received from a female for a long time!’(from Bonnie) Ha!

Animals can teach amazing lessons… horses, dogs and even cats. Loyal, faithful, honest and very perceptive.

I really think they are a higher species than us humans!…

They live in the NOW… no grudges, no ulterior motives.. they just experience life in all it’s fun and fullness.

I was in the valley of the White Mare.. on Rath Lugh for Bealtine… and could have wept all the hours I was there… the broken divided sacred valley, the sadness was overwhelming…

But after the 8 Tara cases were dismissed on Monday we all arrived in the valley, in the sun, on Rath Lugh, together in unity. Amazing healing took place, deep wounds and divisions were healed, arguments were forgotten and forgiven. It was beautiful to see and experience, the land responded, the trees even looked vividly greener to me, the energy surged skyward. Hope restored.

60 SIAC workers charged towards Rath Lugh in 25 cars fueled by Mark Cleary’s wounded pride… and they saw the 2 new born babies, 2 prams, love of the land and a powerful healing energy on the Mound of the Sages;

They beat a hasty retreat without a word, or even a verbal or physical assault !

Their twisted darkness just can not exist in the Light of truth .

Our Love of the land, of truth and integrity, can and will overcome and triumph over the corruption, lies and the money worshiping soulless and new slavery.

It was beautiful sight to see… their hi-vis hardhat, hardheart ‘SWAT ‘ team deflected by our unity and re-connection with the land.
We, the people, have the power, if only we realised it and claimed it! They are rightly running scared.
Their darkness, lies, corruption, treason and destruction can not exist in the light of truth and justice.
So let us demand it. Strike with hunger in our heart for it.
I have only just begun to understand and feel and believe in Tara , as the spiritual heart of this beautiful land and it’s aspect in this battle …
I have known it in my head… but only just now begun to feel it in my heart.
The battle has only just begun… the fat lady has not sung yet… don’t give up, bathe your wounds, heal and return to this battle.
Justice was delivered on Monday and Wednesday … all were freed from the legal chains of bail conditions.
So let us renew our fight! Pick up our weapons of truth and justice and engage in victorious battle!
A battle worth the fight, a battle we can win, it is ours for the taking.
I can see the armies of unemployed, FAS courses… digging up the tarmac in the valley! Local employment! sustainability ; )
On Wednesday we took the powerful symbolic Vigil flame to the Lismullen henge and held a ritual, in unity, lead by the group, and the land.
We called upon Truth and Justice: the indestructible infallible sword of truth, and the scales of justice that will call all to account for their actions.
We then took the flame up to the Lia Fail and sent out the energy of the fire, a flame of hope, faith, truth, justice and purification across the land…
Fianna Gael /Fail & Co. have failed us, raped this sacred land, but let us join with the Fianna buried in Collierstown, remember our ancestors and join their fight to defend this beautiful land from those who are trying to destroy it.
It was a late Bealtine fire festival… but I now I think I understand what Bealtine is:

The end of darkness, new hope, growth, sheding the old, fertility and rebirth.

I feel that the reverberations are echoing across the land… even to beautiful Glengad.. see

Reclaim your land, your heritage, your birthright and sovereignty from the thieves, developers and money grabbers.

I have just this minute received an email saying :

“that no cause is helpless if it is just.

John W. Scoville said that, and he was right.

Do not let a Just Cause go unassisted by you. Do what you can.

Never think that what you can do is not enough.

Every little bit helps. To do nothing is what hurts.

So please follow your heart and intuition, defeat is not an option… if Tara is not kept sacred as it has been for millennia, what is next?
Make a stand for you and for your children.

Be on the Vigil for the film show this Saturday,

Come celebrate and party in here in Leitrim next Saturday,

Go to Rossport.. demand the return of our billions of euro national resources and birthrights.

So Pixies, Poets, Pacifists and Warriors,
Artists, Anarchists, Estate Agents and Accountants,
Fianna Gaels/Fails, Labour, Greens and even Gormleys.
This is a call to arms, to all.

See you on The Hill!

If you can’t get there demand action from your TD, write to the papers, visit you local SIAC site,

just do your ‘thing’, do something!


(and Shadow, the Puppy)


“We have pledged ourselves to the dead generations who have preserved intact for us this glorious heritage that we, too, will strive to be faithful to the end, and pass on this tradition unblemished.”
Eamon de Valera

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