Friday, May 15, 2009

The week that was

Blog of the 'Quiet Road' its just a small rant on the iniquities that our 'Honourable friends' in the House of Commons are getting up to. Are we coming apart at the seams?

Saturday; Wat Tyler eat your heart out that you are'nt around to lead the incandescent population on the Houses of Parliament. The Guardian takes great delight in pulling apart the scandal that has erupted round our politicians, from a gory cartoon of guillotined MPs (or should that be in lower case). Take for instance the mumblings of one...

"It is catastrophically bad for politics, but it is disproportionately catastrophically bad for us," was the verdict of one cabinet minister as he returned to his constituency in mourning to mark the week in which the last vestiges of a form of parliamentary democracy died. The initial postmortem is death by suicide.

Will our world recover, I expect so, decisive action to weed out fraudulent use of 'expenses', deselection, a new leader may be? thank god it could be Alan Johnston and not Hazel Blears, though some of us would prefer Vince Cable (he's clean).
Right action, moral and ethical codes, you must be joking, though it would be lovely to see some philosophical discussion take place on what has gone on, the shoddy betrayal of a socialist government, who let the markets and bankers rip, then were to be found with their own hands in the public purse. It will make a great historical book one day, when it is all written down in the future but it is like living through a comedy farce, and the end when the final curtain comes down is unpredictable.
Best photo appeared in the Money's section of the Guardian...Live like a MP - Get a Moat

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