Monday, August 24, 2009

Notes on Llanrian

Llanrian Church

The church was named after Rhian - 5th or 6th century, a follower of St.David. He founded a church here, "probably a wattle and daub building behind an earth wall" Breverton says, also "In Llanrian parish, not far from Tregynon, is Llain y Sibedau (Place of Whispers) a ruined stone circle" The Book of Welsh Saints.

1849 - Llanrian "Near the church are some Druidical remains, consisting of many large stones, most of them now broken: they were formerly erect, and, in their arrangement and general appearance, formed in miniature, according to Mr. Fenton, a tolerably correct representation of Stonehenge".From: 'Llanrhychwyn - Llansawel', A Topographical Dictionary of Wales (1849), pp. 85-98. URL:

Chasing ideas takes up many hours, and a few years ago I had taken a photo of a stone on a triangular green in front of a farmhouse, which looked suspiciously prehistoric. Anyway someone said that it was more probably a stone that had been erected in front of the farmhouse.

Llanrian stone with friend for height

Be that as it may, the stone probably did relate to the stone circle mentioned above in the 19th century. Also of course there is a bronze age barrow in a field, leading out of Llanrian towards the Compass and Square.
But just to confuse me another photograph taken by someone else of a stone circle just a kilometre further above Trefin Cove came along. Well this one is definitely modern as can be seen from the following link hopefully on Google Earth. What I did learn about Trefin, is that the ruined mill there had a famous poem written about it by the then archdruid Crwys, and that the memorial stone on the Presceli moor belonged to Waldo William, a famous welsh poet who was born in Haverfordwest but moved to Mynachlog-ddu when he was a child; the small village one heads for to see Carn Drygarn.
I also found out that the rather ugly Mathry church is seemingly built on an ancient site, its high and has a circular churchyard.

Trefin Cove modern circle;


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  2. Hi Thelma, you have certainly being doing your homework. The circle is supposed to be pre-historic, as per the locals we spoke with and some written gen we picked up in the tourist information centre.

  3. Hi Keith, yes your photo set me off thinking about the other supposed stone circle at Llanrian. The circle above Trefin Cove, looks old, but doesnt seem to be in the right place, and I wondered if it was the remains of a kerbed cairn...Looked it up on CARN but could'nt find it, have to look at the MAGIC map as well sometime....