Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow, and yet more snow

That will teach me to ask for snow, not (whatever god is in the sky), on the day we are supposed to travel though...... Commonsense told us not to take to the road today to East Anglia with all the snow that has fallen, leaving some people trapped in their cars overnight and jack knifed lorries littering the place. So we have forfeited the fee for an overnight stay, and instead taken a walk down to the river this morning. My love has hardly lost out on his birthday treat, but with snow and sun, and a long walk to the pub for dinner in front of a log fire has probably enjoyed his day just as much....
No electricity cuts yet either!

Clear waters of the river and 'upside down trees' remind one of the Celtic underworld, or the centre tree of Sea henge.

The silver 'flint' statue edged with snow and a fine 'celtic' horse reflected in the sunlight.

Those lovely long straight elements in the landscape underlined by snow...

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