Monday, April 5, 2010

Whitby and miniatures

Returning to childish things; I decided to redecorate my miniature room, it still needs finishing off, but as we're going to Whitby tomorrow, it was put back together again, with Wm Morris paintings. My granddaughter Matilda has inherited my love of crafts, and dolls houses. Last time, or at least the time before, I took her the small wooden octagonal hat shop, made in Bath, it has a golden dome that is a copy of a Bath landmark.


  1. Wow! the detail is awesome. The other comment on this post…did you lift those inscriptions from the side of a crashed UFO?

  2. よく焼けた非常に複雑な仕事 hehe

  3. Keep being vandalised by this stuff, going to report it next time, think it comes from Thailand, yours is also getting deleted soon ;)