Friday, September 10, 2010


This photo is an early morning photo of golden plovers taken a couple of years back on the Somerset downs. They fly in complete unison, a soft swish of wings over head. They come in late autumn, and sleep in the grass over night, then they take to the air and perform wonderful acrobatics in the sky.

This morning I read rather a funny quote on another blog, it goes like this, a Zen refrain.....
Life is all about cutting wood and fetching water, then you get Enlightened, only to find that life is still all about cutting wood and fetching water.
Well this morning we have been waiting for the plumber to fix a blocked pipe, phone calls told us that he would be with us every half hour or so. Eventually he arrives, stays about half an hour and then goes for another half an hour to get something, plus his son. Now I thought he meant a big strapping lad to help him, but the small eighteen month lovely little boy sitting in the front of the van does'nt seem quite up to it.
Strange as this may sound we hardly ever go into town, but today we were going to, me to buy some buttons for my latest knitting, The cardigan is for Matilda she seems to feel the cold just as much as me, and on the last trip to london she borrowed my favourite cardi to wear, pulling it out of shape much of the time.

Not quite finished yet, but the next project on the horizon, is spinning some grey bluefaced leicester wool which will probably take a while on a spindle! My computer needs renewing as well having become very, very slow but I can hardly make one of those from scratch! Sometimes I feel like giving it up, one becomes too wrapt up in the stuff you can read on the web and time ebbs away, don't even like those fancy laptops, which are about the only ones on offer.

Another project contemplated, is making little books for the children, whenever I tell stories of how they behaved when younger they become fascinated by their own histories, again there is a long tale of why I can't do it. Firstly, there is the spare printer which I could use but it is sitting somewhere else until I get some shelving for my study, which also presents a problem because there is'nt much room to put the shelving up!

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