Friday, September 24, 2010

Ugg boots and migraine

A three point turn on the barge, executed by a female...

feeding the ducks

Which comes first, let us tackle the headache first,which happened a couple of days ago and caused such misery but luckily for me my memory blanked out this first bout, the second bout was much lighter but now I am somewhat fragile, my mind drifting along, so thoughts need to be gathered.....
The family came down over the weekend from Whitby, it seems such a long way to drive there and back from Whitby, but it is a break from routine.
In the morning we went down to Paper Mill lock and fed the ducks, and then my son-in-law tackled a ford with the land rover, which was the highlight of his visit.
We arrived at the ford which takes a rather long course along the lane, it was just about a foot deep. When we arrived there was a car stuck and a couple of cars parked. Now I'm not sure if I'm making this up but we are convinced that this place is a meeting place for males! The car that was stuck had been through the water and got water in the engine, so our lot said we would push him out of the way, including its occupants, why on earth they did'nt get out beats me!
The children piled back into the car, the back end of the land rover was automatically raised, our car was to go back, and then with a flourish of spewing water, the land rover sailed through in front of an audience of walkers who happened to be standing on the bridge. Triumph, luckily my son-in-law was dissuaded from doing a repeat performance - families can be embarassing!
The usual long wait for a meal at the Fox and Raven, which when it arrived was'nt very good, but the children are unfailingly good mannered and cheerful.

And so to the Ugg boots, two pairs to be precise for the girls and to my way of thinking very expensive. Pretty they were, little Lillies gold shoes with satin ribbons more so, but walking in the muddy countryside? next time I stipulated could they please bring wellingtons.

Its strange, there I bought my daughter up on a shoestring, quite happily making her clothes, knitting her jumpers, and she has gone almost to the opposite, i.e. she can just about sew on a button, did I go wrong I wonder? Hopefully she is not reading this, but as I sat opposite her and noticed her 'distressed' jeans (and boy were they distressed) thinking she needs some new ones, I was informed that there had'nt been much change out of a couple hundred pounds for these pair. We do however have one thing in common and that is migraines and hopefully one day there will be a cure for the weird effects they have!

No its not our food arriving!

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