Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"How Dare You" - hunting

Well this is not going to be a 'class' rant, but the video below fascinated me as to how a particular man behaved in response to being videoed by an anti-hunt person. I had used this video to illustrate the mindset of the people who are probably behind our conservative government's plan to sell off 50% of our forests to private investors (yes you heard right!) for development! and of course a loosening of planning laws is also coming along in its wake. Give them power and we're back to privatisation of the worst kind, the free for all (that is if you are rich) to 'own' and develop - this in our overcrowded tiny island, with all the powers we have put in place to protect our wild places, moors, forest, woods as a sanctuary for our indigenous animals, plants, trees and birds.
I suspect that the conservatives will not get away with it, for all their weak kowtowing the Liberals should and hopefully will speak out...
So what about the video, the person who is filming (an anti-hunting moderator) confronts our 'John Bull' character on his piebald horse? who gets into a rage and seems to splutter 'how dare you' several times because he can't find anything else to say, except such foolishness as to demand why is she filming on this bright morning at 7.45. She has, sadly for him, the right to be on a public lane. Also, her car has been boxed in by the followers of the hunt, this confrontation is of course a common stance in this particular war.
It is the sight of grown men and women on large horses that is so extraordinary, a little fox crosses the road in the background, that is what they are hunting, a small chestnut coloured creature who lives out in these fields in Gloucester. What is his crime you may ask? well maybe he's been killing a few pheasants, but millions are bred, either in this country or they come from France, reared in the woods from young, and then shot at as a 'sport' - there's plenty to go around. Oh and pheasants are not difficult to kill, being rather slow and clumsy to flight. It can't be hens the little fox is after, most of our hens are well protected. So this 'vermin' that must be exterminated by a hunt and a pack of dogs is really only there for the pleasurable exercise of killing!
The good thing of course is that there are people there standing up for the 'rights' of the fox, the bad thing? well maybe its the foul mouthed abusive language that tumble from the mouths of the hunters, who must know that they are in the wrong.....


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  1. Dear Thelma, Have been reading your blog with pleasure for quite some time now. Although I am American, I lived in England as a child and have been returning every year for a long while now. All my ancestors originated from G. B. and my family has been in America since the 1600's. I have a deep and passionate love for Britain and when ever I see first hand or read such things as you wrote of here , I am filled with an impotent rage. I do hope that you are correct in your supposition that the liberals will not allow the selling off of the woodlands. Has anyone thought to organize a group to speak out against this , create and sign petitions against this insane proposal? I wish I could do something in aid of this but not being a citizen , I am sure what I say or feel will not make much if any difference. It is great that you have posted this though online and hope others who read this will make a stand. Love your blog and look forward to reading each posting.

  2. Hi Valkrye, I have a feeling that the government is just throwing this proposal out to see what reaction it will get. This is happening on quite a regular basis, universal pensions is this weeks sweetener, last week it was child benefit - to be cut/or not to be cut.
    But to answer your question, the Woodland Trust has released this statement...
    A link from the Guardian on asset stripping of the forests...
    Many would argue that this conservative government won't last long anyway given the savagery of some of the cuts - we'll see.

  3. Hello again Thelma, Thank you for providing the additional info/ links. I am aware of the recent controversy over the idea of cutting child benefit ( I just got back from England a couple of weeks ago)and really do hope that you are right in thinking these ideas/proposals are just a way of testing the waters so-to-speak. I cannot help but think yet again that the inmates are running the asylum re: the government.We can only hope the general public will strongly speak out against such barbaric ideas. Thank you for responding to my comment as well.