Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spinning and miniatures

The river on the 10/10/10, beautiful sunny day and the dragonflies were still hawking up and down, the water is so clear....

Here is my favourite stallion, terribly muddy though you can't see from the picture, he needs a thoroughly good brush. The water meadows are living up to their name, and old water courses, presumably to the mill are flooded, the ground is very boggy. We could'nt make it over to the pub but had to walk all the way back.

At last my spinning wheel is settled, working beautifully after oiling, the wool being spun is Shetland, though I could have sworn I ordered Jacob wool! It is slightly harsh but very easy to spin from the tops. The big cardigan I decided to knit from it has a band of fair isle, this merino wool, not sure what I dyed the lighter grey with but suspect it was one of the Japanese dyes.

Dolls house also came back with a tumble of furniture inside, this from the nursery and the kitchen - think I shallphotograph the little books more closely, as they are made from blocks of wood, filed to give the illusion of the inner pages and then painted in gold. Should I get back to miniature work? but somehow have too many things to do... the little plate rack at the back has holes drilled by the tiniest of drills..

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