Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blakes Wood

A moss covered path leading to the glade
A blue skied day (the only one) sandwiched between grey, grey days, and whatever comes our way tomorrow!  The above photo is slightly Japanese in its mossiness, but the woods are still bereft of greenery.  Though heart shaped leaves of the violets are pushing through, catkins of course, and honeysuckle leaves  starting to show.  Plus of course the whine of a chainsaw as a great tree came down, we didn't see it but it made a loud noise when it hit the ground.
The computer lost its internet connection yesterday, due to my security system closing it down when a 'hacker' presumably tried to connect.  LS spent a couple of hours with BT on the phone trying to get the connection back but no luck, But a phone call to Dell, and my computer programme got whisked through the airways to Delhi, and a technician cleared the problem.  Tis a wonder of this world, watching someone take over your computer and zoom through all the programs.
It reminded me of the time when my old computer was plugged into Skype and Ghana.  Coming down one lunchtime to it, I could hear the steady drip of water and someone moving in the room, but no it wasn't in Bath it was in Accra thousands of miles away, Ephraim must have moved his computer into the kitchen.

Old Giant

Children often build hideways in the wood


  1. Next time you're down this way, try and stop off at Dinefwr Park (Newton House) at Llandeilo, aas there are some absolutely amazing old trees in the parkland - the ones in the old Deer Park are maiden trees which date back to Norman times! There are many huge old oak trees in the park and I hug myself every time I go there.

  2. Oh, to be in Blakes Wood again. My grandmother use to take my sisters and I there as children. We use to gather sweet chestnuts to roast in front of our open fire at the mill.

    Coming to your blog is like stepping back into my childhood. Thank you for sharing your walks with us.

  3. Hi BB, might do that, not sure when we are coming down to Wales again, I think we need to stay for a week at Solva. One thing, I thought you were supposed to hug the trees not yourself ;) X

  4. Hi Jarmara, Glad you enjoyed the bit about Blake's Wood, there are a couple of blogs elsewhere about the wood, will put the links up. We also collected sweet chestnuts last year, and found loads of mushrooms. Plus of course in spring, bluebells, wood anemones and violets, its a lovely wood, very Essex....

  5. I've always thought that if ever I visited the UK it would be places such as your Blakes Wood where I would spend my time. Cities intimidate me--the countryside lures me.
    Glad your experience with the overseas Dell techs was positive--I once spent an hour on the phone with them and ended up with more problems than when I started.
    Its sobering to think that our most innocent internet visits may bring home huge techinical difficulties.