Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A good companion

One of the things I haven't written about is my dog Moss, who stayed with my ex-husband last year.  He was a very special dog, my companion on holidays and walking the downs, - Somerset, Wiltshire and Wales we wandered quite happily together.. Collecting all his photos for one album, I realised he had been everywhere with me.  Well just before Xmas he suffered a series of fits and had to be put down, it was a great shock at the time and plenty of tears.  When I thumb through my photos for megalithic stuff he was always there, so as it is his birth date tomorrow (he would have been 11 years old) I decided to put all his photos in one album, well 50 so far, and I realise I shouldn't be too sad because he had a damn good life.
He was beautiful, a blue merle collie with a dash of spaniel, came from Pensford out in the countryside and was a pack leader, sensible and intelligent, he protected me and always managed to find the right path back to the car.   He would chastise young male dogs by taking them by the scruff of the collar and giving them a good shake, but would tolerate small yappy dogs nipping his legs. He carried his ball around most of the time, in fact walking him was wearisome always throwing the ball, and it would have to be hidden.

Anyway to that gorgeous little puppy that grew into an obstreperous teenager who gave me such problems for a while, till he got castrated, who then became the gentle dignified dog for the rest of his life who was much loved  - thank you.


  1. Oh bless him - I didn't realize that he had been pts. I think there is a dog who had been to more prehistoric sites than any other!

  2. Yes he certainly travelled, think I had to get over putting his photos on my blog; but he was a marvellous dog;)