Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paper Mill Lock

Yesterday I fancied carrot cake and tea at the wooden hut tea place at Paper Mill lock, its very popular, people potter along the riverbank with dogs, bicycles, children and mess around on their boats. The river itself is full, though we have hardly had any rain for months, the ducks also potter around amongst the tables cadging food.
Of the dozen or so photos I took of the large hawking dragonflies only one came out but there was emerald/turquoise demoiselles, their wings like furry eyelashes; brown and blue hawker dragonflies and the very large blue/green one with golden eyes. Of the damsel flies, groups of turquoise/blue slender insects spiralled around, landing on the great water lily pads. The colours of this large group of insects is hard to describe, metallic like the coloured beatles in the garden they have a radiance that needs capturing with paint..

Evil Hogweed unfurling rather beautifully.  The square (or spotted) stems of plants tells of their poisonous habit.

Ducks and white water lilies

Barges and tea.  This barge was just setting off laden with food and white balloons, probably a wedding reception will be held on board, and as it was heading upstream the little Ulting Church by the riverside would probably fit the menu nicely.

I often wonder if the boats ever go out for a sail

five minutes from the clutter of boats

Blue bodied dragonfly

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  1. What lovely peaceful photos. The last one reminded me of the river at Downton, on the edge of the Forest below Salisbury. Happy childhood memories . . . Thank you.

    Sorry I've been M.I.A. recently, but we've been going flat out on house and garden again, and have appointed another agent, who we have a bit of faith in!