Friday, June 17, 2011

This week

Lillie and Matilda (dancing around as always) in the shop*

This week I wanted to be in Whitby, firstly for the little one's birthday, and the birthday tea, but they all went for a meal to a fish and chip restaurant, which Lillie chose for the best chips, she is a connoisseur of both chocolate cake and chips.  But there was no point as the cottage still is not finished, work hardly started.

After a long 6 week wait for the bathroom stuff to arrive, there were other calls on my son-in-law's time and so it stagnated. But work has started, the last of the woodchip is scraped off the wall, the plasterer is coming next monday, to plaster it smooth rather than rough, and then the central heating and bathroom will go in.  After that painting, carpets and furniture, so I begin to get excited and choose the beds and sofas I need, heeding the need to measure everything and then plot it out on the floor, just like Kirsty Allsop who I've been watching on tv, she romps around full of energy, trying different skills and crafts but she is way out of my league, and I'm not sure I want to go round poking around in skips, but there are auction rooms in Whitby which I'm looking forward to.

* The shop is no longer in the family, no one is missing it at all, and though it was pretty inside, a bit like my cottage, flooding in the basement and a bad absent landlord meant that nothing was done.

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