Monday, August 29, 2011

They are back safely - thank goodness

The beginning of the journey

the car loaded to the gunwales on the way back to Whitby - 2200 miles all told

The land rover arrived early saturday morning, they had travelled from Vevey to England without staying overnight in France, so everyone was tired.  Apparently they sat outside our house from 4.30 onwards and then went and found breakfast at McDonalds.  The fridge was temporarily completely filled with chocolate and cheese, my daughter having raided Migros in Switzerland, she has a fascination with supermarkets, Whitby only having the Co-op.
Switzerland is lovely but expensive, you need to earn  quite a few thousand each month to pay the bills; from their flat balcony they watched the house over the road which had an electric lawn mower which came out at 6 every morning and mowed the lawn all by itself, something I've never seen in England, but my son in law was captivated by the country, especially the town of Gruyere, and the children did eat the many dishes of a raclette their great aunts had cooked for them, cooking one's food at the table was a great treat.
And just to add to the weekend my son and his friend showed up from a wedding they had been to in London, and I was given another side of the story about Gadaffi from an African point of view - interesting,  in that what we take for granted in our propaganda is seen very differently in the African states where his money has helped.
They also did a tour of the sushi factory that my daughter's cousin owns, the funniest photo of them all dressed in plastic, even little Lillie who had to have parts of her overalls chopped off.  Sushi was tasted but not I think by the children, though Tom the eldest is always adventurous in food, sushi is of course always a source of topic in this household, and it looks like we maybe be going to Kyoto in November, though sushi is not exactly my favourite but the temples and moss garden are on my list of things to do..

Matilda trying her hand at woodwork

Crashed out whilst watching a video


  1. Sounds like a nice happy family homecoming Thelma!

    Interesting to hear the first hand stories of Libya as well.

  2. Oh and Kyoto sounds very exciting, too! Look forward to seeing some photos of that trip.

  3. It is always good to have one's family safely collected after a journey.
    I have to remind myself that apparently 'the Continent' is quite accessable as a destination from anywhere in UK.

  4. Hi to you both, Yes I am always pleased when family arrive safely at their destinations, it was all that R/H driving that worried me!... Kyoto is on the agenda unless it proves too expensive, LS wants to see some of his old work colleagues as well, should get some lovely photos of the temples as well. LS was a monk for a year or so in one of them, do't think he could stand the cold in his little hut though;)

  5. Yes, it was when I fainted from the cold there that I knew another Way had to be found :-)