Thursday, August 11, 2011

Waiting for tomorrow

The children have vacuumed the house, the clothes are waiting to be packed and I have a headache, mostly from Lillie screaming I suspect.  7 of us will travel down to Chelmsford tomorrow in the land rover, with the luggage in a carrier on the top and a bicycle atop that.  Currency is bought, even amongst the up and down of swiss francs and euros and falling markets, and this little family will hit Switzerland on Sunday and stay in a flat, luckily I will be left in Chelmsford!
Their great aunts will have a handful on their hands, and I can only hope the children will eat what is put in front of them without screwing their noses up.  The final work in the cottage, and there is a lot of it, will be finished in September, Jason the builder says the scaffolding will go up for the chimney when everyone comes back from holiday, the electrician will do the electrics, and then the final painting, which we will go down to help with, and then carpets and furniture - joy..
Riots have subsided everywhere, though a neighbour apparently ordered his daughter to get back from London. to the relative safety of Whitby yesterday.
And why relative safety?, well because though the looting moved up North and Whitby would hardly be affected being  a very quiet place, we witnessed yesterday an altercation between three youths which was pretty scary, someone got punched on the nose in town and a lot of foul language filled the air.  I suspect though with all the people that have been arrested and going through the courts, there will be less looting come the weekend.
The world is quite a weird place at the moment, if you have green leanings, there is a feeling of 'well I told you so' the greed displayed in our society has brought it all on their own heads but of course it runs through society like the silver thread through a fiver, the bankers, footballers, celebrities and Uncle Tom Cobley and all, took as much as they could get and look where it has got us, its going to be a long hard road to some sort of viability in the system.


  1. Can't agree more than I do, Thelma. It is going to be very difficult to move on from where we are. I just hope that enough people with real influence think about things the way that most of us do. People like Richard Mabey, Roger Deakin and the like should be required reading in school, I think!

    Sounds like you will have more peace and quiet than I will over the next few days!

  2. Well after the journey back to Chelmsford with everyone, the beat of music from the front(adults), Pegga Pig on the screen in front of me and some comedy on the back screens for the older two my head was reeling, can't cope with all this technology...
    It did however keep children relatively quiet.