Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Early morning musings

It is early morning, I am listening to the quacking of a duck, someone has a pet duck a couple of houses away, perhaps its lonely as it welcomes the daylight.  As the light has grown, the sky had those beautiful colourways of a rising sun, but now it is dull, the rainbow I spied over the green has vanished, the brilliant coppers, yellows and burnt bronze of the leaves have dulled and rain spatters on the ground.  Sometimes I get heartsick for my walks up on the downs with Moss early morning.  At this time of the year, the moon would still be in the sky, and I could see the sun rising over the downs at Avebury a good 30 miles away. Yesterday I was thinking about the golden plovers that spent the night on the downs, I once crept up to them nestled in the grass and took a photo of them,  Moss was implacably well behaved and followed on my heel, I do miss him so.. But to the plovers, they rise in a great swoop, and their synchronised movement as they take to the air is something marvellous to behold, wings tipped down and a lovely musical note as they climb higher and higher into the sky.
The duck is welcoming the rain now, quacking away to himself, always wanted to keep ducks, Indian runners to be precise, along with a variety of hens but I doubt if I shall.  There is always a sad note to this time of the year, Samhain has gone with little celebration, and I must think of xmas presents, for Lillie I have made a miniature bed and bedding and bought her two children dolls. Matilda has fossil books, and fossils from LS (they share the same interest) and a flower press for her birthday early December, so I have to think of something else, she likes crafts but has little patience for stitching, but she is enormously curious about everything.
The boys are always easy, it will be on their Amazon wishlists, either computer games, books or something to do with football.  Tom (age 17) was reading John Grisham by the time he was 10, and now James Patterson, one who wrote about the law, the other about the police.  It seems this may have influenced his career choice as he wants to work in the CID/police force.

An article on dogs From The Cave to the Kennel, which just shows how long dogs/wolves have been with us.


  1. I enjoyed your rather pensive description of an early rainy morning. I'm not a 'morning person'--one who bounces to life at the crack of dawn, but I do enjoy a quiet few moments of pondering before J. is up and inevitably the noise of his day envelopes me.

  2. Hi Thelma. I know what you mean about the light in the mornings. It's so fleeting. I'm almost panging for it to return before it's even gone.

    And there's nothing like a view over the hills from 30 miles away...a lovely post as always.

  3. Hi MM, perhaps this time of year is always a little sad, although gloriously coloured. LS gets up much later than I do, so I tend to creep around ;)

    GL; Morning light is beautiful, though there can be a similar experience early evening but I believe that is down to pollution sadly...


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