Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mirror images

For years I have gone walks often following the paths by rivers, the small shallow Welsh tumbling rivers, the deep, large river Avon that snakes its way through Bath (often in a more sinister fashion taking a life here and there as someone slips drunkenly in at night) and now Essex rivers. Essex rivers flow placidly along the flat landscape, sinuously curving through the fields you only know they are there by the long lines of upright willows that trace their path through the fields. Sometimes I think they occupy my soul, their peace and tranquillity for ever flowing on, they are a source of comfort in a world that whooshes by.
Yesterday we went a walk from Paper Mill Lock, the weather is unnaturally warm, worryingly warm, and it has been very dry here in the East, blue skies, no wind and the trees reflected sharply in the still waters, the only time I had seen such clear transparency was on a cold winter day with snow around and the river trees were an exact replication of the real trees.


  1. What a wonderful collection of photographs you've taken.

  2. Absolutely brilliant post, Thelma. Stunning photos. I also noticed how warm it was yesterday and was worried by it too. Something not right when midges are still biting at this time of year.

    How people can deny man-made climate change is beyond me.

    Cheers again,


  3. Each autumn I am struck afresh with the beauty of leafless trees, the shapes of the branches against the sky. Of course by late winter I'm longing to see them in leaf again.

  4. Thanks everyone, it was a beautiful walk but the weather is not natural for this time of year. Been reading your blog Ben, and I see rivers are a shared passion ;)

  5. I've been wondering if the Chelmer and Roding are chalk rivers. can you shed any light on that? Also, are you moving to Whitby and if so will this put an end to your Essex posts here?

  6. Hi Stuart, No the Chelmer and Blackwater rivers are not chalk, not like the River Kennett and Wiltshire rivers, which appear and disappear through the seasons - the Winterbournes as they are so called.
    And no we shall probably not move up to Whitby for a while, it is just that I have family up there..