Saturday, March 31, 2012

spring photos

Today grey skies, yesterday the last of endless blue skies.  Capturing the cherry blossom in photos with plenty of bees yesterday, my love went to buy some saki  wine to drink underneath them in Japanese style but all to no avail today - far too cold.  Today two circling queen bumblebees on the lawn looking for somewhere to nest, and another campaign by Friends of the Earth to highlight the peril of insecticides that are killing all our bees, both honey and bumblebee.
 Seeds sown sprout herbs for the kitchen, and colour for the garden.  Mostly I grow a certain amount of vegetables in pots, spinach in winter and various pots of salad leaves to go through the warmer months. The lilies poke dark red shoots through the earth, tantalising with the promise of showy flowers in the summer months.  The first foal was born to the gypsy horses, and I watched it from the distance of the Fox and Raven restaurant, it  ran a circular race course of its own making, firstly the old tree by the river and then a shrub  further away, scampering back to its mother for safety - such joy in life.  

chives, parsley, and bought thyme, mint and marjoram

A second flowering

The magnificent old magnolia at the F&R


  1. It's lovely to see everything is coming alive and looking so fresh

  2. The blossom is so beautiful - sorry you had to drink your saki indoors! chilly here again too, but LOTS of green now. Lifting my spirits : )

  3. Hi to you both, we did have the saki ceremony after all the following day when the sun came out once more.....


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