Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Staithes is another fishing village of long ago, just one family fishes from the village with the local coble boats, the houses are now mostly holiday cottages.  Very similar to Robin Hood's Bay, and of course Whitby, the river Esk running down to the sea in Whitby, the beck that runs down the small valley in Staithes is the Roxby.  Very nearby is the Boulby potash mines, a mile down, the second  deepest mine in Europe.  A few years back it held the experimental work of looking at  Dark Matter in outer space but the project has since closed down.
The cliffs are Jurassic, and very crumbly, LS went on a fossil hunt and found a piece of rock with several embedded on the top.  The following photos are self explanatory, the sad thing about these fishing villages is the lack of people in early spring, the tourist shops or restaurants shut because of this; a picturesque scene of Olde England fossilized, the one good thing though is the money that comes from such places as Leeds and Manchester in doing up these houses helps preserve them through time.

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