Sunday, September 2, 2012

Changes, changes

A lot has happened in the last week, my family in Whitby have decided to move back to Rugby, which will of course be nearer to us in Chelmsford.  This has not shocked us, my daughter had been unhappy in Whitby for quite a while, the shock came when having only put their house on the market last week, two offers were made on it and they are off looking for a new house this weekend.
One of the motivating factors was my eldest grandson results in his 'A' levels or whatever they call them now, he passed with a distinction in law (he wants to work in the police force) and he gets his uni of choice which is near London and us.  I shall miss them in Whitby but we will still keep the cottage, because everyone loves it.  Sometime next year it will go with a holiday letting agent mostly so I can pay utility bills on it, I can have it when I please for family and friends so the contract is not too stifling.
This week I also experience difficulty with Eblogger and photos, so I turned to Wordpress blogs, their photos come up a lot clearer.  I've used WP before so it was not too difficult, but still like the comparative ease of this blog, and it would be sad to leave it.  There again my computer has been playing up in other areas, I have a feeling it is to do with these ubiquitous cookies that appear every time you go to a link but who knows..... Northstoke2

Tom looking 'cool' note both the younger children on their computers, they all have mobile phones as well, though the little one has not got an account!


  1. I am thinking (vaguely) of moving to Wordpress too, as I am fed up with having to wipe photos from old posts to make room or fresh ones. I will away to your new link now.

  2. My photos stopped altogether last week, so that was the reason I turned to WP, at least you can put a bigger photo on it, but the website can play up occasionally.