Friday, September 21, 2012

Sea Henge

Taken from  this BBC article
Holme 1
We will be going to Whitby in a few days, but firstly my son in law and Tom my eldest grandson are coming this weekend to deliver Tom to uni, and then the following weekend we shall travel.  We have decided to stop off one night in Norfolk to see the fabulous Bronze Age Seahenge timbers at Kings Lynn museum, and I definitely want to go to the Holme-by-the-Sea beach where they were first found and caused such controversy about their lifting from the sands.

There is a reconstruction of the timbers, smooth side facing inward, bark on the outside and that fabulous upside down tree root in the centre, a mystery as to why, but in feels like the Celtic otherworld/underworld has some meaning here. The controversy centred around the fact that these timbers were sacred according to the pagan communities and should be left in situ to be slowly eroded by the sea.  There is another timber circle close by, to be left in situ by English Heritage, this is called Holme 11 and there is apparently a timber trackway to this timber circle.

The Sea Henge timbers went to the  Flag Fen Centre for immersion in water and a wax substance that would penetrate the timber and preserve them.

Map reference; Holme 1 - TF711452 Sea Henge,
                         Holme 11     TF752453

Trees mirrored in the river one cold and snowy morning


  1. it's amazing to think there is still alot in this world our ancestors have left behind that we don't understand.

    It's a place I would love to visit too.

  2. I bought the map for the area a couple of years ago, and would dearly love to explore the seashore and hopefully one day the fens in this part of the world. Still haven't booked anywhere to stay though ;(