Sunday, December 23, 2012

Summer thoughts

It cannot get any darker or gloomier than it is at the moment, rain beats at the window and the wind gently howls, so LS said yesterday what was the best megalithic site visited this year and came up with Garnwynda.
Bright sunny day, through Welsh small lanes, parking on the verge, then walking up a cool green path shaded by trees with a stream running down, past a small derelict cottage and then the rocky outcrop on top. Garnwynda sub-megalithic cromlech is hidden against the rock face but once found is marked in the mind.  Not exceptionally beautiful as Pentre Ifan or Carreg Samson cromlechs are though, these are magnificent as is the third of the trio who's name I always forget, except that it has Arthur in it somewhere......

A visit to Jennie's house up the winding lane, just found a couple of photos with us sat round the table in her beautiful kitchen, all in full flow of conversation  And then of course our American friends BuckyE and Loie, who did the great tour of the house, Keith  beating BuckyE (very difficult) as to being more knowledgable  - think it was about wood!  

The sweet smell of honeysuckle

Loie and BuckyE at Pentre Ifan

Foxglove and nettles

Summer light, grass and a Jersey/Guernsey cow?

St.Elvis Cromlech with the long line of cows coming out from milking in the background

Garnwynda with the sea in the foreground
Beautiful Wales and then Solva with its tranquil harbour, there is a familiar noise as something taps the sails of the boats as you walk along the sand when the tide is out.  The Cambrian Inn, good food and Welsh whiskey for those who partook of it (not me).

Probably used up my photograph space by now.....


  1. What a lovely idea showing some sunshine. It made me smile - thank you!

  2. I've just enjoyed your last several posts in one good read--and went over to northstoke 2 for the photos.
    The Mozart Clarinet Concerto--one of the first classical records I bought for myself and then had it on cassette. The opening notes are in my head now and I must look to see if I have it on a CD--these things become obsolete so quickly.
    I am trying to become proficient at hand-quilting--hoping that it will provide something of the serenity that spinners and knitters seem to experience. Thus far it has provided many picked out stitches and an aching neck.
    I do enjoy your descriptions of the moors and the backroad journeys into the countryside.

  3. Hi Em, The weather cannot get more miserable, all this rain should be snow of course, then I remembered summer, and wandering round Solva.
    Hope you and your family have a happy Christmas, we did not stay for the holiday in Whitby with my family as my partner's two sons should turn up at some stage.X

  4. Hi Morning Minion, Glad you come and read my witterings, the internet makes such things possible. I love your blog and its insights into another landscape. As for the boon of handwork, both provide that moment of relaxation and creativity (yes I know it can be painful, spinning can cause neck ache as well) we need in our days.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. X


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