Friday, April 4, 2014


Cornwall - land of eerie disused industrial buildings

Tomorrow the journey begins to misty Cornwall, packed and ready.  Plants in pots watered, bird table still to be filled with seed.  The blackbirds are busily feeding their young, as are the starlings, blue tits and sparrows - life is a buzz.  That is not forgetting the bumble bees that explore the wood stack and soil looking for nesting places, and buzz constantly round our ears in the cherry blossom.  Sadly blossom is over all too quick, it lies like scattered confetti on the lawn, but we have had our sake ceremony underneath it, which just means drinking and toasting the blossom.....

Hopefully it won't be like this...


  1. Safe journey Thelma and enjoy your holiday. Are you house-hunting?

  2. Cornwall is so beautiful in the spring. We used to go to a farm cottage near Looe when the boys were small. Wet green lanes and primroses.....
    Have a good holiday.