Monday, April 14, 2014

St.Neot's Well

St.Neot is another little village buried in a valley next to a river, and you can see the strong attraction of these remote places to the wandering reclusive saints.  We had arrived to see the old stones in the churchyard on a beautiful sunny, warm day, and having inspected the stones, walked down to the river, along a track, and into the field where the well house nestled.  Nestled is a good word, for it lay at the foot of a rock escarpment, and on the ledge above the well house was a small rock cave, ideal for a saint!

The history of St. Neot and the village can be read here, his story or legend is that one day he found three fishes in the well but could only catch and eat one.  But once when he was ill, his servant caught two fishes for his meal, the monk then took the two fishes back to the well where they  were 'miraculously' restored. The story has a more pagan element to it, and the stones in the church yard point to an early Christian settlement at this spot by the river Loveny.

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