Wednesday, November 5, 2008

St David and the surrounding area

St.David's Head promonotry fort, with walling and foundations of small round huts still to be found - though not by me....

Coetan Arthur
On this rock strewn headland there are three cromlechs, firstly there is Coetan Arthur;- (SM7253 2805) an "earth fast" sub-megalithic tomb; its capstone pointing down the valley that runs underneath Carn Llidi and is supposed to resemble the line of Carn Llidi.

The following pair of cromlechs are found under Carn Llidi, a bit difficult to find but head for the WW2 footings of concrete and they lie behind there. The capstone of the one below points out to sea. Carn Llidi - SM7352 2789201.The second cromlech capstone, rested on the ledge of the backing rock outcrop
The one against the rockface

The other cromlech close by

St.Elvis Cromlech

St Justinian Church

St.Non's; stones can be seen in the field

St.Nons Well

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  1. Lovely photos Thelma. The last time we went down to St David's was on my birthday one year, which sadly coincided with my mother-in-law dieing that same day - my husband said, go anyway, it wouldn't change anything . . . We only visited the cathedral though, and not the archaeology. There we are, a good day out to be had, so I shall suggest it to Keith.