Monday, March 30, 2009

The Lansdown Battles

Wood anemones found on the way

Today I took Moss for a walk across the Langridge (long ridge), this time to the other part of the ridge where one of the battles of the Civil War were fought. The battle line must have ranged over a good mile, and this particular part was on Hanging Hill looking out over to Bristol and the Severn Channel, with the Welsh hills in the distance. The following photo will give some idea of the position and what happened...

Self explanatory

The top of the hill, with 'dugouts', these though may have come from exercises in the first world war

The slope of the hill

Looking out to Wick with Bristol in the distance in the middle foreground are the stones of Wick Burial Chamber

A view looking towards the Bath side

This is the other part where the battle took place

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