Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The unfolding leaves of an aquilegia

Watching a queen bee in the damson blossom, brushing the petals to the ground is a reminder that summer is on its way....

The Bee -Orchis

I saw a bee, I saw a flower,
I looked again and said, For sure
Never was flower, never was bee
Locked in such immobility.

The loud bees lurched about the hill,
But this flower-buried bee was still;
I said O Love, has love the power
To change a bee into a flower.

Andrew Young

This is a little orange tailed bee in a cranesbill, the ultra violet of the veins draws it to the centre of the flower.


  1. Lovely photos - aquilegias are one of my favourite plants, the flowers and leaves are both so delicate and attractive. I have one or two named ones but mostly they are self-seeded and \i've got some great colours.

  2. Also one of my favourites, pink,white and blue in the front garden intermingle and produce different colours, there is also a little red/cream short 'grannies bonnet' called Mrs ..... a name I have forgotten