Friday, March 27, 2009


Picking up a pot of yellow dye today for my silk yarn, which is slightly useless because it is a 'resist' dye and needs to be painted on, set me wondering about the colour yellow and its exuberant explosion of colour at the beginning of spring.

Daffodils by the million deck the roadside, gardens and the flower shop. Pale fragile primroses nestle amongst the grass, there is a favourite tulip of mine, yellow with a green streak through its outer petals in the front garden flowering happily. From my window I can see the pale yellow catkins of the pussy willow in the next garden, and bushes of forsythia everywhere.
There was the bed of calendula I grow each year, the bed this morning has been dug over by Moss and in his usual manner has covered the terrace with dirt, why he does it heaven knows.

Welsh poppy - a pretty sort of weed in the garden

evening primrose - again a wild flower that grows intermittently in the garden. Go out in the evening and watch the lovely unfolding of its petals to welcome the moths with its scent.

Yellow Iris much later but look at its clear colour

I can never name this plant!

The tulips that started it all


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