Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hi granny

How are you cos i'm fine in whitby even though it's very hot I'm very happy and down in the dumps the good news is it's nearly my birthday and the bad news is Real Madrid have signed Ronaldo and Kaka.Anyway have you seen my wish list lately,and i'm quite annoyed because everybody's talking about micheal jacksons death.

lots of love from Ben
PS.Barcelona will win the la liga

This email from one of my grandchildren, its point is obvious but it made me laugh.
Well yes Ben I had gone to Amazon to view your wishlist, normally it has hundreds of things you want, but you had thoughtfully erased everything for me and left the one request for Action Replay up. Strangely your granny is not so thick as you think, having lived with computer games for the last 15 years, computer cheats and codes on games I understand having had to decipher them for your brother Tom, and as for games your uncle, my son is the expert.
True I have been bored out of my mind hanging round game shops or trying to choose one.
When Tom was small, he used to sit on my lap in front of the computer playing some god awful racing car game, whilst I handled the foot pedal for the speed, till I ended up sick and dizzy from the continual movement on screen. There was that Lara game, and Sim Earth, my vain attempt to educate them from violent killing games that spilt blood all over the screen.
I noted last year the obsession with wrestling games you and Tom played, and was rather appalled by it all, even chided your mother on allowing such things.
The good thing is that all you boys have all grown up gentle and non-aggressive, the games obviously having no effect. What I have learned from this experience is that the computer has not dulled the wits of our children but has given them the ability to be quick-witted on screen and to communicate in a polite manner. Your sister Matilda's email a few weeks ago was beautifully expressed and crafted both in use of font and word, and she is only seven.
So yes Ben, Action Replay arrived in the post this morning, along with the add on Pokemon cheats.

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