Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wretched Rue

Rutaceae - Rura Graveoleons-Herb of Grace

Whilst cutting the front hedge last week with its great bushes of lavender in front, there was also a plant of Rue in full flowered glory there, and I foolishly put my hands into the plant to sweep away some dropped leaves. Now I know this plant of old, having grown it, and it brings your skin up in a nasty rash.
How does it work, not immediately, the skin seems to pick up the substance from this very toxic plant, and then a couple of days later a rash will appear, especially sitting in the sun, then it starts to blister.
According to my herb book all parts of the plant are poisonous, but it is still used in the pharmaceutical industry, also heavily underlined strong doses may cause mental derangement if taken internally! and it causes dermatitis in hypersensitive individuals.. Well there we are, though apparently it is used externally as an eyewash and a compress for wounds and skin ulcers....

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