Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Banks of Green Willow

This music has been haunting me over the weekend, but could'nt remember the title till walking by a brook, the old willows everywhere made me remember. Essex is a very pretty county in its hidden corners, all the waterways seemed to be lined with shimmering gray-green willows and the red gold of the harvested fields is an extraordinary contrast. Two things which are a 'first' for me, plants, set amongst the nettles, that look like angelica, and good sized fish in the brook.


Old willows, there were a couple that had fallen over the brook

fish in the shallow pools

a clear stretch

choked up with reedmace and flag irises


  1. The Banks of Green Willow is one of my favourite pieces of music and your photos illustrate it perfectly.

  2. Could be that Shuttleworth wrote about the rivers in Essex, the willows are extraordinary.