Monday, September 14, 2009

My family

Gerald Durrell once wrote a book about My Family and Other Animals, which was a bit unfair, but there is plenty of gentle humour to be got from one's family. Two children have I, my son who is a computer expert/geek, and writes programmes, most of which seem to relate to complicated ones for Ghana where he spent some time with his best friend. My daughter on the other hand chose to have children and live in the wilds of Yorkshire running a childrens' clothes shop with her husband. She has blessed me with four grandchildren, and they all live in a tall Victorian terraced house up a very steep hill with Ollie the cat who has no tail.

The house is always in a state of renovation, though now the five bedrooms and two bathrooms are together, and it only remains for the central hall area to be painted (but this has to wait until funds are together to repair the ceiling). Whilst we were there the new boiler broke down over the weekend, which meant no hot water or heating. The children have variously occupied different rooms in the house over the years, but now are all settled. Darron my son-in-law has made an office in the attic, with state of the art computers and a number lock on his door, whilst next door Tom my eldest grandson resides in solitary splendour in his attic bedroom, approached by the way via very steep stairs. The attic has a tale to tell, at one stage in its early history, hens were kept up there, I think it had something to do with the butchers family that have a shop at Ruswarp.
Next floor down, Ben has the small bedroom now, whilst the two girls have the larger one, the large bathroom has been refurbished, and gleams white. Now that Ben and Matilda have reached the grown-up age of 7 and 8, they are trusted with plugs for the wash basin - twice they have deliberately let the water overflow, so that it drips into the bedroom below.
The next floor houses the big bedroom, which must have been the drawing room in another life, here the laptop is kept for general use, and children sprawl on the large bed waiting for a go on it.
A spare bedroom has also been created on this floor, and is now in soft browns, though last year was a pink girly room for Matilda.
Downstairs is a calm oasis and tidy, the children live far enough away so that the noise of squabbles are muted. Little Lillie the latest is fast growing up and follows in the tradition of 'tyrant' of the family demanding her own way in everything - and its easier that everyone gives in, rather than face her fury if she is not allowed to be first in everything.

The family, (without the noise) butter would'nt melt in her mouth, little Lillie; Tom dressed for his Sunday rugby game - he's pretty good and plays round the country; Ben who idolises Tom and is football mad; Matilda, or Boudicca in an earlier life; My daughter who gave birth to all of them and is foolishly contemplating having another one....


  1. What a lovely family house. It took us 16 years to get near finished the improvements to this house (no more derelict rooms thank heavens). Ours is 3 1/2 stories which is great for losing offspring and their eclectic music tastes!

  2. The house overlooks the bay and Whitby Abbey on the opposite side of the harbour. Whitby is fabulous if you like fish, loads of fish restaurants and a decent fishmonger. Not sure what the children will do as they grow up there though....