Sunday, September 20, 2009


Two letters caught my eye this weekend, one in the Guardian and the other an email on Eric Avebury's blog.

Tribunes of the People, now thats a nice phrase to play with, it was a rant against the absurd mess we find ourselves in with the 'bankers fiscal hole'. As Penelope Newsome argues in her letter to the Guardian, if the banks returned the money we had lent them there would be no fiscal hole, and spending could be channelled into public services, which apparently now come under the heading of 'irresponsible overfunding' ouch! So paying a new appointee to the Royal Bank of Scotland £7m annual income is not irresponsible overfunding as well? Alice in Wonderland, or at least Lewis Carroll could not have written a better book on the folly of greed and stupidity. Our politicians have had their long summer break and presumably expect us to forget the 'expense scandal' that erupted beforehand, methinks there's something nasty lurking in the coal shed of our political system...Newsome ends 'And why are the people themselves being hoodwinked by immoral elites who are laughing all the way to the bank? Wake up people, we are walking over a precipice'

And the email on Eric Avebury's blog; Lord Avebury believes in 'right action' and campaigns diligently for the rights of people abroad, he is the other side of politics the good side that fights for justice. The email he printed was a response to the furore that has suddenly broken out in America about Obama's healthcare plans, and the backlash that came back on our own National Health service, when one of our politically motivated conservative members decided to trash the National Health care in America .....
Two sides of how our country works, maybe we profit from the games that bankers and city dealers play, we should take the rough with the smooth, accept the facts that corruption and greed maybe helps fund the universal health care we take for granted.... who knows.

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