Friday, October 2, 2009


As a break from my saints and churches, which even bores me sometimes, some photographs of horses by the river Chelmer. I love horses, and often think of owning a couple and then taking to the paths of England, but they are incredibly expensive creatures and though beautiful can be unpredictable.
They are not laughing in the photos but have just woken up from their afternoon siesta and are yawning, surrounded by electric fencing these rather elegant creatures amuse us when we go on a walk, the grey and the brown are geldings and do a lot of 'I'm boss here stuff' which entails snorting, stamping of feet and mock charges.

Stopping for a drink in a Wiltshire pub


  1. I love the laughing horses!

    Miss W

  2. Hi Thelma, it appears we share a mutual love of horses. I used to ride many years ago when I lived in South Cerney. Been longing to get back in the saddle ever since...hope you are well.