Friday, October 30, 2009

What Katy Did Next

Well the title might be misleading, its taken from those books I read when a child, about the late 19th century fortunes of Katy and her family and of course Louise M.Alcott's Little Women.
Well this is not about that Katy but about the non-celebrity Katie Price aka Jordan, who was in town yesterday signing her book (ghost written presumably). I have just read her biography on Wikipedia, knowing nothing about but am furious at her!
Post offices are shutting down everywhere, our government is letting another institution go to the wall with little thought to how we are going to get our letter, parcels, cards etc posted.
So where does our Katie come in to all this, well our local post office has just closed which means a visit to town to the main one for forms.... but, you are never going to believe this, this main office is situated on the first floor of W.H.Smith, and Katie was signing her latest book downstairs. Half a dozen police officers outside and a couple of hundred young females were barricaded between metal barriers clutching their books to be signed. Is she the heroine these young females should aspire to? no, a life of thrusting oneself into the limelight with a pair of big boobs, that seem to go up and down in size as the will takes her, and writing crap in ridiculous magazines is not what the female revolution was all about! though apparently she is very, very rich on all this!
Deciding not to go into Smiths meant coming back to another local post office (closed though because of the strike), all I wanted was a form, yes we can get stamps from our local supermarket, but they don't weigh large envelopes, etc. Another thing as small shops disappear everywhere, it is wise to note that supermarkets only hold a couple of days food, so in case of emergencies have a few tins put by like the Swiss who have to carry a fortnight's spare cache...
Knitting and presents has been my preoccupation this week, a funky pink scarf for Matilda, wooden puzzles for Lillie, and probably some wooden games I spied in one of those shops for the boys.
The children have been banned from Amazon wish lists "Mum and dad are now saying were not aloud on amazon for a strange reson???" according to Matilda yesterday....
Still the weather is beautifully autumny and it would be nice to go into the country for a walk and not face Sainsbury shopping this morning...

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