Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Scenes

Well we have all woken up to it by now acres of snow, beautiful at the moment, but causing chaos and confusion everywhere. The Guardian is full of gloomy news that we will probably have this weather for a fortnight, maybe even longer; do we have enough gas? Mandelson is not saying. Children are playing on the green with their sledges - no school today.
This morning when we went to get some supplies from the supermarket the first thing I saw was a dog happily pulling a sledge with a child on it to school, but coming back the children were also returning to spend the day at home. Upon the little artifical mound that is the only thing representing a hill round here, the children are sledging, and a large tabby cat joined in the fun, scampering up and down, till he decided that the snow was too much for him and disappeared into the hedge. It's funny how children and animals love the snow, whilst all around in the news is despair and gloom, poor people stranded in cars overnight in Hampshire

January 10th 2009; Which looks like a very similar picture for the time of the year!

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