Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Wild Horses of Newbury

This is for Sybil and Roy, who seem to think that I might have been swallowed up by the vast metropolis of Chelmsford and not written anything on my blog of note. ;) Well I'm busy monitoring landscapes elsewhere at the moment, Ireland having undergone dramatic changes via the 'Celtic tiger' era, is still hell bent on destroying its landscapes by the building of motorways.
The motorwaythat goes under Tara through the Skryne valley is almost finished, there is now a threatened Slane bypass cutting close to the edge of one of the most famous megalithic sites - Newgrange. And to add to all that a proposed port at Bremore, again a fragile environmental habitat with important archaeological remains.
But this video I noted on a forum, is about the famous protest at the Newbury bypass road several years ago. Trees had to be cut and protestors, as they did at Solsbury Hill, Bath bypass road took to the trees. As can be seen from the video, the force of the state was employed in great numbers, police and security men stand in a straggly line protecting the men wielding the chain saws. Then on to the scene trot two black horses, seemingly unafraid they trot down the line of the security men, go up to the tree being cut, then trot up to the two police horses standing there and lash out. Very rarely do you see horses being as brave as these pair, it is a surprise and rather poignant...

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