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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow again - and a return to warmer days maybe?

The snow arrived all of a sudden whilst we were out in the car picking up logs, it was the usual 'whiteout' the roads covered in minutes. The countryside suddenly transformed itself into a winter wonderland, though everyone was driving very carefully on the roads, and as we turned down into the road where we live, a car had slid into another one, denting it badly. We were supposed to go out for a birthday meal, but I doubt the car will be taken out of the garage again, so it is either walking to the Fox and Raven or fish and chips!

This morning, I received a long email from one of my old internet miniaturist friends who lives in London, and cares passionately for cats. Or at least the stray ones, she makes miniatures of shops, greengrocer and florist come to mind though her tiny little nut fairy house filled with furniture (no bigger than a pansy flower) was something else. Years ago, when we all made miniatures, we would exchange stuff, and Claire made delicious little cakes out of clay of course.

My other friend in Wales, Gwen who lived near to Carew Castle, in a very romantic setting by the great tidal mill there, also made miniature shops in clocks (the insides taken out of course).

It made me look at my album on the site, two of my efforts are below, both destroyed now.

The one is of the chapel at Farleigh Hungerford, the guide there had told me of the story that someone had bet that she could'nt stay the night in the crypt there. Well the crypt was down a flight of stairs outside, and had three little stone coffins of children from probably the 15th or 16 th century. She had taken up the bet, and locked herself up behind the iron grille door. No, nothing terrible happened but she did say that she was visited by a little (ghost) girl who said she was very cold and wanted her cloak......

The other is of a long hall, which my oldest grandchild used to play, mostly stringing up the dolls to hang from the hooks I made, and then skewering them with the sword, grisly child that he was; all gone now though they took an age to make.

Anyway one of my new year resolutions, is to get back to miniature making when the weather gets warmer and I can cut wood outside...


  1. Oh how wonderful are those. VERY clever work - you are a lot more patient than me I think! Keith and I stopped at Farleigh Hungerford a couple of summers ago, when we were down that way. A lovely place, and I remember the crypt. I'm not surprised it is haunted . . . Poor wee lassie.

    I see the snow has hit your area now. We have a good foot here and Keith and Danny are currently gritting the hill in the vain hope we may be able to get the car out tomorrow. We shall see. We still have the other hill by Upton Hall to do (by the river and the big gates), so fingers crossed.

    I owe you a Christmas card, but am not sure if it will reach you BEFORE Christmas now! Many thanks for yours anyway.

  2. Those miniature rooms are so intriging, and very detailed. I hate to think that they may have been destroyed or left behind.
    I have wanted to try miniature quilts--nothing to stop me except making time to begin.

  3. Hi to you both,
    BB don't worry about the Xmas card just wondered if it would reach you up on the hills, I now have more confidence in our postal service;)
    The snow is a pest now, and those freezing temperatures forecast for next week don'nt bode well for driving cars up hills.
    As for miniature quilts MM, did have one at one stage,what we all need is of course nine lives like cats so that we can spread all the things we want to do over these nine lives...

  4. INNNNcredible!!! Such talent leaves me awe-struck!


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