Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hanningfield Reservoir

Always love the browny-creamy colours in this little pond, reminds me of some Japanese material on Ebay

Its a female woodpecker I was informed

It seems ages since I last wrote something, could be because its winter, or that other hobbies take my time but on Sunday we went for a walk round the reservoir.  It was created in 1957, and covers a small hamlet, though apparently there are no houses still lurking under the water.  Not like the 'drowned' villages and forests round the West coast of Wales.
The mood of the place is grey and brown, leaves rotting, mud and conifer trees.  Ducks and geese congregate at feeding stations and people wander round with camera equipment.
So apart from hundreds of seagulls on the water, the birds most viewed were in front of the visitor centre.  Long tailed tits, chaffinches, yellow tits, a black and white woodpecker all fed at the bird tables, plus of course squirrels.
Of course acquiring a laptop, was supposed to take me away from the computer, it could be put to one side on my desk and I could concentrate on other things  Yesterday we made up a modular small bookcase from Argos, it took 2 hours and was supposed to balance the rather large dollshouse which is in need of some repair, and to hold some of my knitting/weaving books. The bookshelve was put together eventually, though one of the long wooden dowels broke and another had to be made out of a bamboo skewer, then of course there is the inevitable screwing together of pieces so that they face outward instead of inward. 


  1. Once past teh effort of getting booted and suited for cold and wet weather, I am always pleased that I've gotten outside.
    The muted colors of winter are a bit melancholy, so we're always happy for the odd sunshiney day.
    Meanwhile, it is a great time for indoor projects and crafts which took a back seat during garden weather.

  2. Thats the problem with cold weather, getting dressed for it! Must admit I enjoy pottering around with hobbies, and don't have so much outdoor space as you.