Monday, January 3, 2011


On New Years day, this computer decided to accept my password, and now works - just like that, I'm pleased, though everything I wrote yesterday on my blog got swiped, so I am approaching it with great care!
The following photos are of the gypsy horses, it was difficult to recognise them under their dirty winter coats, I worry over them, but they had been fed hay over the snowy period, and they look quite relaxed. Someone had thrown bread to them (with plastic bags), which they did'nt seem particularly interested in. My partner fell in love with one
dark eyed beauty with a great fringe falling over his eyes, perhaps when we move to the country, we may get one - who knows......
Life is still in holiday mood, sales everywhere before crunch day 4th January when VAT goes up, sales are'nt my scene, most of it is tat. But we might walk down today to our local retail outlet, just to look at Computer World, this marvellous thing called Wireless, from which my computer works,
means that I can pick this one up and work anywhere in the house, visitors can also use my code number as well for their computers. But to get back to what I was saying, Wireless can also pick up printers in other rooms, so we need a 'joining' cable to feed info from one machine to the other - all very clever, I can't quite get my head around invisible beams!
The mill pond photo is to remind me that summer will eventually arrive, this time of the year my mind would be on raising seeds and perusing the Suffolk Herb catalogue...



Mill pond

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  1. Hmmm - bread still in the plastic bags? Very horse-friendly I DON'T think . . . People have no brains do they?

    What a difference between summer and winter fields - I am longing for spring here, but I guess I will have to be patient!