Friday, May 20, 2011

Things I like best in life

Freckled white foxgloves with bumble bees for preference

Sweet williams for their ruff of green spikes

Fennel for their cloudy bronze-green colour

latest book I'm reading

Its about John Piper born somewhere near the beginning of the 20th century, and a group of artists, Vanessa Bell is also another favourite.  Such carefree lives when money was'nt needed in the vast quantities as it is today.  I have lost a lot of books in my move, Vanessa Bell's biography by Frances Spalding must have gone off in the Oxfam van when they cleared the Bath house, and will cost me  about £30 to replace, Wm Morris had to be bought again, this time by Fiona Macarthy;  both Spalding and Macarthy are two of the best female biographers of this age ;)

Two short blogs, somewhere else, reminded me of Paul Nash paintings, who was also around at the time of John Piper, they both had a common theme in painting about prehistory (it needs a whole blog on the subject) and of course the much later movement of the Brotherhood of Ruralists..

This for ref; Brotherhood of the Ruralist;

Thinking about what brought all these old blogs back was the fact that the Holburne Museum in Bath has just opened its swish new  glass extension, it caused a great furore the design a couple of years ago, and in the news this morning was one of their 'treasures', it was a Peter Blake painting, collage I think... A Museum for Myself


  1. I have two beautiful White foxgloves growing in my front garden which I can see as I write this. I'm hoping the seed will spread and I shall have more next year.
    Oh, how sad to lose your books. Have you tried looking on Ebay for replacements?

  2. Its sad to lose books but there really was no room, its a good discipline as well to cull, except when you want to go back to them ;)

  3. I am envious of the white foxglove--I have only a pink one left of several plants set out last year.
    I am still pawing through boxes of books and sometimes suspect that the one I'm looking for was donated to the library or second hand bookstore prior to our last move. Very frustrating!
    I wanted to re-read and comment on your post titled Introspection--it seems to have gone away in bloggers' recent upset.
    I was drawn into your description of the house and garden--it was like the opening chapter of a lovely English novel--the sort that lures one to curl up with a cat and a cup of tea.

  4. Hi MM, I 'drafted' Introspection, I had a very strange and complicated childhood but its back ;) Should I ever write the full version (though I have for the children) it would make strange reading.
    The white foxglove has turned into a perennial and clumped up, think its from the Excelsior range. They are glorious.


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