Sunday, May 20, 2012

Brunswick Road

When I walk to and thro from my daughter this is the road I walk down, the  road of the three churches I call  it, they cluster at the bottom, ugly in colour and forbidding though one has a rather beautiful portico, of three arches. Why three churches cluster together I don't know, but Whitby has many churches, and of course a retreat house.  Early evening the gulls gather on the wall of the Brunswick Centre to sleep the night away, one evening a flock of gold crest squabbled furiously in the bushes, their bright sharp colours enlivening the gray of the stone.
Cross the road at the bottom and you notice a strange building in front of you, this is Bagdale Hall, it has always looked very Victorian to me but in fact it is much earlier, Tudor (1531) to be precise, but I suspect the 1882 restoration has hidden much of its past.

Brunswick Road

Bagdale Hotel

The plaque and window that gives its age away

Tombstones seemingly attached at a later date

History of Bagdale Hotel

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